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World Resonance Scene of the Day

At 193,395 words for today. Did about 400. Still in a slump, but getting better now. Now that the presentation is over, I should be able to focus more. And thank God tomorrow is Friday.

Any guesses as to what Cain is making? I'll give you a hint--it's a toy.

As usual Cain stayed out of the conversations and finished eating first. He pulled out the block of wood and began carving again. Sarah glanced at him every now and then wondering what he was carving this time. It looked like something round. But, it was entirely possible that Cain didn’t even know what it was yet. She smiled as she remember their conversation in the crow’s nest of the Nidhogg.

Musical Imagery
I really liked the description in the second paragraph. I grew poetic again for the first time in a long time.

Before they went to bed, however, Sarah asked Cain to play them something soothing on his flute. He studied her for a moment, pulling the wooden instrument out and then he held it to his lips and began to play.

The ocean danced before Sarah’s eyes, playing tag with the shore as a gentle breeze caressed her cheek. A gull above greeted her before it glided out over the sea. She sighed as she watched the tide sail in and out. As the song ended the image faded and she was once again sitting around the campfire with her friends. The others, too, looked as if they were waking from a dream.

Memory Alive
I really liked this conversation and Cain's response at the end. It further shows his growth.

“That was beautiful,” Sarah sighed blissfully. “What’s its name?”

“Sea’s Whisper,” Cain replied softly, putting the flute away.

“That’s not a bad name at all,” Sarah exclaimed, studying him. “I though you said your wife’s songs had bad names.”

The former knight smiled wistfully. “My wife didn’t write that one.”

Hikari’s eyes widened. “You wrote it.”

Cain nodded. “A while ago on the Nidhogg.”

“Really?” Sarah asked, her own eyes widening. “I didn’t know you write songs too.”

The former knight frowned. Standing, he turned away from them. “It’s a way to keep my wife’s memory alive,” he explained softly, walking away and entering the men’s tent.

© 2011 Jessica M. Walshaw
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