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World Resonance Scene of the Day

At 192,841 words today. Still feeling kind of blah so did about 500 words. Hopefully after Thursday I will feel better. I have a meeting with all the deans of the college I work at to present a database and I'm nervous about it. I've also just been feeling really blah this whole week so far. But I know this will end and I'll get motivated again. Action scenes coming up and then the end of the novel.

Kalin's Parents
I liked Bayn's insight here as well as Cain's reply. I also liked Sarah's speculation on which parent Kalin took after the most. Sometime in the future she will probably ask Cain this as well as to see a picture of her. This'll probably happen when they meet with Kalin's parents again. I still have no clue what Kate wants to give Cain, though.

“Now we just need to head over to Kalin’s parents’ place and we can be on our way,” Sarah said as they walked out of a grocery store.

“Wrong,” Cain replied, bringing her up short. “We meet with Kalin’s parents before we leave for Dorcha Torr.”


“That’s what she wanted, isn’t it?” Bayn asked, looking at Cain intently. “It’s to ensure that you come back.”

The former knight nodded, smiling slightly. “Kate is a strong woman.”

Sarah nodded as well. It was starting to sound like that. She briefly wondered who Kalin took after the most--her father or her mother.

© 2011 Jessica M. Walshaw
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