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World Resonance Scene of the Day

At 190,665 words today. Did a little over 1,000. I thought I was only going to get 500. Cain meets with Kalin's parents for the first time since Kalin died.

Theine During the Day
Some info on Theine.

Theine looked totally different during the day. Even a different group of people seemed to be out and about. At night, mostly younger people seemed to walk the walkways while the daylight people seemed to consist mostly of older folks--moms out shopping, storeowners, and workers.

“Where are all the younger people?” Hikari asked, also looking around.

“Most are at school or working in the factories,” Cain replied, sounding preoccupied.

Bet you can guess who these two are.

Sarah looked over his shoulder to see an older woman with graying brown hair and an older man with honey-colored hair standing next to her. The woman’s blue eyes were narrowed in anger.

“I knew you would come back here, Cain,” she greeted calmly, her voice, nevertheless, shaking with rage.

The former knight didn’t reply, he just calmly met the older woman’s eyes.

The older man gestured at the others. “Are those your friends--the ones you’ve been traveling with?”

“The ones who broke you out of jail?” the lady added.

Sarah frowned. “Cain, who are they?” she asked softly, already having a good guess.

Cain didn’t reply to any of them. Instead, he slowly approached the two as if he were trying to keep his friends out of their discussion. The older woman stiffened while her husband looked nervously down at her.

Kalin's Mom
This is the planned scene. Didn't happen exactly as planned, but it happened.

“Don’t you come near me,” the lady barked, though she held her ground. “I’m warning you, you murderer!”

The former knight stopped, but only after he was a couple feet away from them. “Mom. Dad,” he greeted softly.

“Don’t you dare calls us that,” the older woman snapped, pulling something out of her purse and charging Cain with it held in front of her.

“Cain!” Sarah cried, running towards him.

The former knight stiffened and for a horrible moment, Sarah thought Kalin’s mother had stabbed him, but then she reached his side. Blood trickled between his fingers as he gripped the blade of a butcher knife with his left hand a good inch from his stomach.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to kill me,” he told the older woman calmly. “I am the only one who can kill your daughter’s true killer.” He gently pulled the knife out of the lady’s hand and reversed it so that he was holding the handle with his uninjured hand. “I swear that I will avenge Kalin or die in the process,” he said firmly, squeezing his wounded hand so that the blood flow increased.


Kalin’s father gently put his hand over Cain’s injured one. “Enough, Son,” he said softly. “We don’t blame you--not really. You did what you had to. You did what Kalin wanted you to.”

Cain suddenly began shaking as silent tears began streaming down his cheeks. Sarah understood why. Being forgiven by Kalin’s parents, finding that they understood was the closest thing to redemption that Cain would ever find for what he had had to do. Kalin’s father wrapped his arm around the former knight’s shoulders and pulled him into a hug as Sarah and the others watched on in amazement. To see Cain being comforted like a small child was something that none of them ever expected to see.

Words that Wound
::Sigh:: One step forward, three steps back.

He gently put his uninjured hand under her chin and pushed it up so that she was forced to meet his eye. “We need to talk about this. Kalin wouldn’t want you allowing yourself to waste away because of what happened to her.”

She jerked her head free of his grip and glared at him. “Don’t you dare tell me what Kalin would want!” She stood. He did as well. “What difference does it make now that she’s no longer with us?!”

Cain involuntarily glanced over his shoulder at Sarah an almost sheepish expression on his face. Sarah couldn’t help but give him an I told you so look. Kalin’s mother followed the former knight’s gaze and her eyes widened as she saw the former barmaid.

“I see you’ve found a replacement for my daughter already,” she sneered.

She might have stabbed Cain by the look on his face. Where the knife hadn’t worked, her words had.

Kate is Kalin's mother.

Bill smirked. “Yes, you have no idea how many times we’ve had to chide him for saying the very thing you said only moments ago.”

Kalin’s father smiled slightly. “So, that’s what that look meant.”

Kate studied Cain’s face for a moment, her stubborn anger showing in her face a moment longer and then the angry mask cracked and the mourning, sorrow filled woman showed underneath. She cupped the former knight’s face in her hands. “I’m sorry,” she cried, tears streaming down her cheeks once more. “I’m so sorry. You loved her more than any man ever had save her father, but I needed someone to blame. Someone I could lash out at. Why does he have to take our children away? Why?!”

Cain wrapped his arms around her and gently hugged her. “Shh,” he said in that soothing voice he had used for Sarah when she had had a nightmare. “Me and my companions are going to end it. Soon, the Sorceror will harm no one, ever again.”

© 2011 Jessica M. Walshaw
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