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World Resonance Scene of the Day

At 188,704 words today. Did over 1,000 again. Had an awesome scene where Bill rips Cain a new one. It hurt me to write it, but it is totally amazing and necessary. Things may progress faster now than I had originally planned. We'll have to see.

Chess Results
The line I originally had in mind for Sarah to say to Cain would have been a lot worse and hurtful, though she wouldn't have intended it that way. I like what I went with a lot better.

She made her move, cautiously at first, but with more confidence as she found herself capturing more and more of his pieces. She was surprised. “I thought you’d be good at this,” she chided.

He didn’t reply, simply moving another of his pieces and waiting patiently for her to make her move.

She shook her head and captured another of his pieces. It was then that everything went wrong. Within the next few minutes she tipped her king over, sighing. “I should have known.”

He smiled. “I allowed you to grow confident and careless, which caused you to over-extend your pieces. It was an easy mistake to make.”

She frowned. “That just so fits your personality. You sacrifice yourself to win the battle.”

Cain flinched as if she had struck him.

She reached across to his arm. “What? What did I say?”

He shook his head. “It wasn’t you.” He stood. “Shall we head back?”

I didn't realize this until now, but this scene really hints at what Bill will say in the future.

She stood and followed him outside, but stopped him from walking back. “You were lying to me,” she insisted, stared at his face. “What’s wrong? What did I say?”

“Drop it, Sarah,” he warned, trying to walk around her.

She blocked him once more, but her expression softened as she started to get an idea of what was bugging him. “I said you sacrifice yourself, not that you sacrifice us. So, stop this. You’re not going to get us killed.”

He stopped try to walk around her, but the eye that met hers was dark. “Drop it,” he said again in a low voice that had a slight edge to it.

Letting it Go
I like how Cain let it go and lightens up again quite quickly. The old him wouldn't have.

“Thanks for tonight,” she said softly beside him when she had finally caught up.

He shook his head. “Thanks for keeping me out of trouble,” he replied, smirking.

She looked into his face and relaxed. It was almost as if the argument had never happened. It was almost like he was trying to let her know everything was okay. “No problem,” she returned, grinning. “Someone has to keep you out of trouble.”

Sarah's Not the Only One
I actually had to fight the urge to have Sarah grab his hand. And I can tell you as the writer that Cain had to fight that urge a couple of times as well. :)

Sarah had to constantly fight the urge to slip her hand into his, knowing that he wouldn’t appreciate it and not wanting to see that dark look in his eye again.

And here begins the angst.

He slipped into the room he shared with Bill, a frown on his face. He should have insisted that Sarah not come with him. He was just leading her down a road that would end in heartbreak. He couldn’t give her what she wanted; he would never be able to and he was confusing himself in the process.

Harsh Lessons
This is the start of the amazingness that is Bill in his daddy mode.

“Why did you let her come with you?” Sarah’s guardian asked, his tone neutral.

Cain frowned. “She wanted to see the city at night and I felt I owed her for hitting her.”

Bill stood and walked over to him, crossing his arms. “And it had nothing to do with having feelings for her?”

The former knight’s expression darkened. “You can stop worrying about that,” he replied coldly. “My feelings matter naught.”


Bill’s hand came down and gently smacked him on the head. “Don’t spout that bull shit. I’ve see the way you look at her.”

His eye narrowed. “The way I look at her? She looks like my dead wife. How do you expect me to look at her?” ‘Go ahead. Punch me. Get it out of your system,’ he added silently.

Bill held back, though. “Is that why you cry out Sarah’s name in your sleep now?”

He reacted before he could stop himself. His fist slammed into Bill’s jaw, knocking him to the floor. His hands were shaking as he stared down at Sarah’s guardian coldly, horror at what he had just done hidden just beneath the surface of his anger.

Harsh Reality
This is the scene of amazingness. It is the equivalent to being hit in the face with a sledgehammer. Who would have known how similar Cain could be to Cloud? x_x

Bill got to his feet studying Cain just as coldly. “This is what I’m talking about,” he said calmly. “You bury your feelings and if someone comes close to unearthing them, you lash out at them. Are you going to punch Sarah or Hikari if they say the wrong thing too?”

He turned away. “My feelings?” he asked coldly. “I gave up the right to have those feelings when I plunged my blade into my wife’s chest.” He stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door, taking deep breaths to calm himself. He grabbed his head as it began to throb again with the Sorceror’s attempts to penetrate his mind. “Damn it!” he swore, slamming his fist on the sink counter.

Behind him the door slammed open and Bill stood in the doorframe glaring down at him. “You say you lost your right to love when you killed your wife? Don’t give me that bullshit.” He grabbed Cain by the lapels of his shirt and shook him. “Does the fact that I allowed Sarah’s parents die mean that I don’t have the right to look after her as her adopted father?” He shook the former knight again. “Does the fact that Bayn had to kill his wife and child mean he doesn’t have the right to take care of Momo?” He threw Cain to the floor. “Stop running! You will fall in love again and who knows what will happen, but don’t you shame Kalin’s memory by using her as an excuse to run from your fear.” He marched out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Cain stared at the door soullessly for a while. It was like Bill had taken a giant broadsword and just plunged it into the former knight’s chest. He sat there for a while, his eye staring aimlessly at the door and then he got up and started the shower.

© 2011 Jessica M. Walshaw
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