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World Resonance Scene of the Day

At 182,215 words today. Finally did over 1,000. Hopefully I can do more over the weekend. Getting so close to the end.

God I want to visit Theine. And no it is not based off of Zanarkand. Actually, Lindblum is what I was thinking off and then suddenly it became way more modern.

The sun was setting by the time they reached the research town, trudging up a steep, mountain road. Though, Cain had been right, it wasn’t that bad. The town was tucked into the mountain--cliff walls on three sides. Sarah was amazed at what she saw. Unlike Runach‘s circular layout, Theine was rectangular and blocky--at least the outside walls were. It was what was inside the walls that amazed Sarah. Theine had two levels--the ground level and a second level raised above. Walkways on this second level, some of them made of clear glass, connected the buildings--circular buildings made of stone, the second level ones covered in large windows that reflected the setting sun. Cain was right, it was quite the opposite of Runach. Aside from the obvious visual difference there was the constant bangs, blasts, booms, and explosions that seemed to fill the place. Instead of wearing the long flowing robes of the scholars and alchemists of Runach, the people of Theine dressed in mechanics uniforms and clothes that fit a combination of the capital and Braon. Goggles seemed to be the most popular fashion accessory aside from tool belts. Sarah tried to picture the former knight in a mechanics outfit and just couldn’t do it. However, there was something about this town that just fit him. Maybe it was the cold, scientific quality of it mixed with the warmth of curiosity and a love of learning.

Seriously, I want to visit here

“Theine is divided into quadrants and two levels,” Cain explained as they stopped just inside the city gates to take in the view. “The residential district takes up Quadrants 1, 3, and 4 on the ground level. Quadrant 2 is the marketing district. There’s also one on the sky level in Quadrant 1. Quadrant 3 on the sky level is the government district and the remaining two are for the universities and schools.”

“And you were born here?” Hikari asked, her eyes wide in wonderment.

Cain smiled. “It’s changed a bit since last I was here, but yet.” He pointed to a spire on the sky level northeast of the gate. “That’s the engineering school I went to.”

Sarah wishes she could explore the town more and Cain tries to comfort her.

“When this is over, you can always come back here,” Cain pointed out, smiling.

Sarah nodded. “Promise me you’ll give me a tour then.”

His smile grew sad. “I’ll try.”

“Better than nothing,” she replied, grinning, trying to let him know she wasn’t about to snap at him.

Air Cab
The basic idea of Theine comes from Lindblum, but also the capital city on Lost Odyssey.

“But how do we get up there?” Sarah asked, looking around for stairs or ladders or something.

The former knight smirked. “To get to the sky level, you have to take an air cap.” He gestured to the right at a squat, round building with a sign picturing a small carriage with sails sticking out from the sides like wings.

I think this is a reaction to the bull the American journalists have been spouting about the Japanese earthquake situation. :)

“Cain?” an old woman’s voice asked from behind them. “Cain, is that you?”

The former knight stiffened and then slowly turned around. The others turned as well to find an old lady staring at Cain with shocked, excited eyes. Sarah briefly wondered who it was and then the old woman embraced him, causing him to stiffen again, but Sarah could tell it was simply because he didn’t like being hugged.

“The newspapers were claiming you were dead,” the old woman exclaimed. “Thank the Goddess they were wrong as usual.”

“The newspapers claim many things, Abigail,” Cain replied, gently pushing her away from him, “most of which is false.”

Here's a little insight into Cain's past.

“Abigail,” the former knight replied, sighing again. “She used to own a bakery when I was a kid and would feed me bread if I fixed things for her or ran her errands.”

“So, she’s one of your adopted moms?” Hikari asked, grinning.

“Something like that,” Cain replied, walking towards the air cab place again.

“Why didn’t you ask her about your other friends and family?” Sarah asked, tucking her hands behind her head as she walked next to him.

The former knight shook his head. “We would have never made it to the inn, then. She talks endlessly. I used to only seek bread from her when I was starving because of that.” He smiled slightly. “Besides, if anyone she knew had died, she would have told me outright.”

© 2011 Jessica M. Walshaw
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