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World Resonance Word Count and Update

After surviving a tornado and getting my power back, here's the word count for today or the past three days: 198,312.

On Saturday about three or so houses up from mine an F3 tornado touched down. The entire end of my street was nearly wiped out. My family and I are so lucky to be alive. Our house is fine and we are all fine. Many houses on the part of the road that I used to walk on each day as well as almost all of the trees were destroyed or severely damaged. Please pray for my neighbors.

It all started with a bunch of thunderstorms that were coming into the area. My dachshund, Maggie was in my room with me because she was scared by the wind outside. I was working on World Resonance and getting close to being finished with my writing session for the day when I heard a buh boom noise repeating over and over again. It sort of sounded like a car stereo blaring a bass beat, but it wasn't rhythmic enough. After a second, I started to worry about what it was and got up to look outside my window. That's when it started pouring and the wind picked up. Then I heard a spinning noise, kind of like the sound a helicopter makes as if the wind was circulating. I grabbed Maggie, the notebook I was writing in in my other hand, and I ran from the room to the hallway right as my mother was yelling for us to go to the hallway. I dropped my notebook to the floor and Mom and I then started slamming all of the doors in the hallway shut. I took one quick last look at my room before I shut my bedroom door saying goodbye to it. I honestly thought the front of my house was going to be gone. I dropped to the floor of the hallway, holding Maggie tightly to me in the hopes of protecting her.

It was over in seconds, though. The roar grew quieter and then we braved looking out the front door. The storm had calmed and our neighbors were also looking out their doors. Cautiously we stepped outside to see what had happened. The end of my street where there used to be lots of trees suddenly looked extremely bare. I was really worried. My brother and I walk down that street sometimes everyday, but at least once or twice a week. We know some people down there because of this and we were worried for them.

My brother ended up helping direct traffic to keep people from the damaged end of our street as we had powerlines down. After some time had passed and the lines had been turned off, my brother and I wandered down our street. I was devastated to see that it looked like something out of a disaster movie. It looked like a completely different place. Trees were split in half--all of them tipped from that half-way point down to the ground in the direction the storm had passed. They looked like they were bowing to Cemetary Road--the road running parallel to ours. Houses were torn to pieces--some of them only having a single room still standing. One of our friends had their roof torn off. It was sitting on the other side of the road from them. You could see the other road because all of the trees were badly damaged. Thankfully no one was hurt. I was relieved to see everyone in their yards, cleaning up and doing what they could about the damage. But, please, if you pray, pray for these people. They no longer have homes and many of them worked their lives to get their homes.
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