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World Resonance Scene of the Day

At 191,712 words today. Took a break yesterday and taking it easy today. Getting close to some action scenes soon.

Potential Problem
It is true. Most of the times that Cain got the headache while in Theine something emotional was going on. I love how things like this work out in a story especially when you weren't doing it on purpose.

“I’ve got a question for you,” Bill shot after him, stopping him. “If the Cruinne is affecting you this strongly in town how are you going to even approach it?”

Cain didn’t bother looking over his shoulder as he replied. “It’s not constant.” He frowned. “I will have it under control by the time we leave town for it.”

Sarah’s guardian studied his back. “How?”

“By turning off my emotions,” he replied calmly, walking off again.

This time no one stopped him, instead they rushed after him, Sarah pondering his words. Now that she thought about it, most of the times that he had gotten the bad headaches were when he was feeling a strong emotion and this being his hometown, it must have been even worse for him. But how was he supposed to turn off his feelings. That was impossible. She frowned, but then again she was talking about Cain here. If anyone could, he could.

"Political District"

It turned out the “political” district was actually more of a manufacturing district. There were a few government buildings strewn throughout the quadrant, but most of the buildings were huge plants and factories. It was quite easy to tell these apart. The government buildings were made of marble and had great pillars lining their entrances while the factories were built of a dark, heavy stone and were massive in comparison.


“State your names and business,” one of the guards barked.

Cain calmly slid his hood back. “I am Cain Branaghn. My companions and I have come to meet with the Inledair.”

“Cain Branaghn!” the other guard exclaimed, his eyes widening.

The first guard scowled at his companion, though as he looked back at the companions his expression softened. “Well met, Sir Cain,” he said respectfully. “The Inledair has been wanting to meet with you for some time now.” He stepped aside and beckoned for them to enter the factory. “Please enter. You will find the Inledair on the third level in the back.”

Main Plant
For some reason this reminded me of the Runological Weapon lab in Star Ocean 3.

Sarah’s jaw dropped as her eyes took in the immense size of the place. She had thought it large on the outside, but that was nothing to what it seemed on the inside. The center of the room was an entirely open space, except for the two massive air ships that were being worked on there. A metal fence area separated the two vessels so that the workers that were crawling all over them wouldn’t get in each other’s ways. The floors that the guard had mentioned must have referred to the metal walkways that circled the main room. From here, men barked orders to the workers or studied blue prints.

Enter Cid...I mean the Inledair.

The others obeyed, following him up three flights of stairs to the third level. He then led them around the walkway until they approached a bear of man with hair and beard the color of iron.

© 2011 Jessica M. Walshaw
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