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World Resonance Scene of the Day

At 191,105 words today. Taking a break for today. This story is so going past 200,000 words. I'm not really like the scene I'm working on right now and I'm actually glad I finally finished it. Some heavy editing should fix it up, though. There is at least one part of the scene that I kind of liked, though. I would actually like to see it played out in an anime scene or something.

Making Amends

“Wait,” Kate forestalled them. She carefully took Cain’s injured hand and held it up before her. Blood was still dripping gently from it. “Let me bandage it.”

The former knight opened his mouth to protest.

“Silence,” Kalin’s mother snapped. “Let me do what I can to make amends.” She pulled a long white ribbon from her hair. Cain tried to protest again, but Kate silenced him with a look. Gently, she wrapped the ribbon around the former knight’s injured hand--the fabric instantly soaking up his blood and turning crimson. The ribbon made a perfect bandage, though, and Kate tied it with a skill that only moms and medics have.

“Thank you,” the former knight said softly. “We really must be going now.”
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